A Predatory Mind


 In A Predatory Mind, eight intelligent people are locked in an abandoned library, one is a murderer. They believe by using reason, they can identify the killer. They believe by not taking risks, they will be safe. They are wrong.

In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla employed an invention to examine the mind of the psychotic killer Henry Holmes. To his horror, Tesla realized he not only read the thoughts of Holmes, but received a part of his personality. The inventor halted his experiments, sealing his journals.

More than a century later, Dr. Gordon Rickert, an unprincipled scientist, is recruited to replicate the research. Soon he and his colleagues discover that Tesla's device has more purposes and dangers than they had imagined. During their investigations they resurrect a long dead evil. Trying to undo the damage, they agree to lock themselves in together. Being killed off one by one, the investigators must determine who among them is harboring a predatory mind.