Deep as a tomb


Sixteen-year-old Myla feels the land in her blood and bones. Royal heir Beran wants revenge for murder. Forest native Kaven wants to protect Myla from every danger.

Like her people, the Westreachers, Myla's tied to the green world through tombs the forest made when it made the people. So when she finds she can open tombs long thought sealed, she's thrilled – until her father demands she use her power to help him rebel against the king. Myla would rather mix herbal remedies and spend time with Kaven, whose family is hip deep in debt and secrets.

Prince Beran is sent to impress the people of Westreach so the council will confirm him as King's Heir. He's to use his power to forward the king's goals, but on his first day, an anonymous forester murdered the guard he loved like a father. Stone royal duty, because Beran wants revenge… he’s willing to make enemies everywhere to find the killer. 

Thrown together as fosterlings in the same household, Myla, Beran, and Kaven must each decide how far they're willing to use personal and political power to get what they want. 


"Dorothy A. Winsor is a meticulous writer who expertly balances intelligence and delight." 

- Saladin Ahmed, author of THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON. Finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Crawford, Gemmell, and British Fantasy Awards 

"This story is all heart. Dorothy Winsor's Deep as a Tomb is a poignant coming of age adventure that explores the bonds of friendship, the demands of family, and the responsibilities of heritage and community. I couldn't stop reading!" 

- Amy Bai, author of YA Fantasy SWORD

"​Deep as a Tomb by Dorothy A. Winsor is a moral tale full of heart. Myla is one of the Forest, one with the culture and medicine. She believes in protecting the Forest and the love she has with Kaven. With the prince’s imminent arrival and her father’s growing demands for her to open tombs, she finds herself at a crossroads. Her father has her life thought out, planning to use her abilities to gain power. … This novel is about finding your voice and getting the free will to make your own choices. Dorothy A. Winsor writes with twists and turns that are perfect for young audiences and adults who enjoy a good mystery. Everyone has a secret. Every secret leads to a bigger picture. Deep as a Tomb is an enriching story about hope, overcoming differences, and charting your own path in life. A must-read!"
--Five stars, Liz Konkel for Reader's Favorite