We are not currently accepting submissions.



Submission Guidelines

We accept manuscripts from agents and directly from authors. Please note that we do not accept manuscripts that have been previously self-published.

Please query us regarding completed manuscripts only, and send us your best work.

Loose Leaves Publishing has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism. Write because you have your own stories to tell and characters to share!

Please read our message to authors before proceeding.

Submissions lacking any required element or in an inappropriate format will be rejected without consideration.

How Do I Submit My Work?

Please include all items specified in the Submission Checklist that follows. If we like what we see, we will request your entire book. 

Submission Checklist

We ask that all submissions be made electronically as Microsoft Word (.doc), Pages, or Rich Text (.rtf) documents. Send submissions as attachments to info@looseleavespublishing.com.

Please do not send the full manuscript. (See instructions below)

The subject header should include the following:

  • Fiction or nonfiction submission
  • Genre
  • Author’s name
  • Title of manuscript

Your manuscript's title page should include:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Title of manuscript
  • Manuscript genre

Submitted works of fiction should include:

  1. A short query letter in the body of the email containing the following:
    1. Title of manuscript
    2. Genre
    3. Word count
    4. Potential readers
    5. Your contact information
  2. A brief publications resume and biography summarizing your writing experience
  3. Attach a 300-word description of your manuscript summarizing the following:
    1. Plot
    2. Main characters
    3. Writing style
  4. Attach the first three chapters.

Submitted works of nonfiction should include:

  1. A standard query letter in the body of the email
  2. Your contact information 
  3. A list of chapters or outline
  4. The intended audience and market for the book
  5. Your background, occupation, education, prior writing, and honors and recognitions relating to the subject.
  6. Attach a 300-word synopsis that makes us want to read the book
  7. Attach up to three sample chapters. They do not need to be consecutive.